Studying abroad is more important than ever

Thu Apr 18 2019

Question: Two applicants walk into a job interview. They both have similar backgrounds, education and experience. Which one gets hired?

Answer: The one with better English.

This is the reality of the workplace in the 21st century. As the world becomes more global, the demand for professionals who can communicate in multiple languages is growing. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in your child’s language education and international experience as early as possible.

Career Opportunities

Competition for jobs can be intense. Being fluent in two or more languages can give applicants a real edge over the competition and help them stand out from a saturated field of candidates with similar abilities, which is why college graduates who have studied abroad are twice as likely to find a job within a year after graduation. Foreign language skills and international studies can also contribute to higher earnings: knowing a foreign language can reportedly add 10-15% to your salary, while studying abroad can increase that to up to 25%. *

Crucial Skills and Personal Development

Many of the skills that are gained while learning a foreign language can be a huge advantage in the workplace. Adaptability, collaboration, problem solving, effective communication, independence and decision-making skills are all improved by language studies and highly valued by employers.

Language also affects the way we think and process information: bilingual kids have better memory and executive function. Becoming proficient in a foreign language also increases self-esteem and confidence, which is why multilingual students tend to be more extroverted and proactive.

Tearing Down Walls and Building Relationships

Speaking multiple languages enables you to relate and connect with people from different backgrounds and with different ways of understanding the world. You’re better at breaking down walls and building bridges, overcoming differences and finding common ground. Simply put, you can speak to more people and exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences, enriching both your professional and personal life and opening doors to a whole world of possibilities.

So, what can you do to give your child the upper hand?

At STS, we are strong believers in the power of experience-based learning. By combining fun activities, exploration of a new country and unique cultural experiences, our students learn the language much faster and build confidence in their abilities. Our language trips are especially designed to empower students to take their language skills to the next level in ways they never could at home. All our programmes in the UK are accredited by British Council, but we also have programmes in other destinations: USA, Canada, Malta, and even Japan, France, Spain.