Pack smart and get ready for your adventure as an exchange student!

Wed Jul 12 2023

Wow, soon it's time for you to start your great adventure as an exchange student! It's really something to look forward to, and we want to help you to be properly prepared. Here's a great list of things you shouldn't forget to pack in your bag, besides your passport and possible visas of course!

First of all, try to pack as light as possible. You will be buying new clothes and other fun things during your stay, so it's best to have some room for them when you return home. But the most important thing is of course your passport, any vaccination certificates and visas. Also write down the contact details and address of your host family and your local coordinator on a piece of paper. Keep this note close at hand in your hand luggage, so it's always available.

Other important things to bring are any prescription medications, at least for a period of time until you feel more at home. Also, don't forget hygiene items. If you wear glasses, it may be wise to bring an extra pair in case something happens to your ordinary ones.

Mix and match and bring your favourite thing

When it comes to clothes, it's good to pack a basic wardrobe, but first check what the climate will be like where you're going. Try to choose clothes that can be mixed and matched in different ways, so you don't have to pack so much. Depending on whether you will be wearing a school uniform or not may also affect how much you need to bring.

Perhaps more obvious items are of course your phone, your computer and chargers. An adapter can be useful if the electric sockets in your host country are different from those at home. And a portable power bank is perfect for when you're out and about. If you like to take photos and have a camera, it may also be fun to bring it with you when travelling.

We know it can be hard to leave all your things at home, so why not bring a small favourite item that you can't live without? And think about bringing a small gift for your host family. It really doesn't have to be anything grand or expensive. A tin of your favourite candy or a cookbook with recipes from your home country are great gifts.

And remember, when you get in contact with your host family, you can always ask them for tips on what to bring. They will certainly have lots of good ideas!

Now it's just a case of looking forward to your fantastic adventure, and remember to stay happy and positive! Good luck to you!